You Got The Ocean View, Now What?

You are finally in possession of your fabulous ocean view condo…. the celebration has just begun! There’s more you can do to add style and spice up the charm of your water-front condo. But if you have just spent thousands of dollars on the prized much desired ocean view, there’s no need to fret! Here is how adding subtle details to your condo walls can create an stunning impact at affordable prices!

Living: If you have already zeroed in on your furniture, add accent pieces to match their colors with that of the accent wall in the living room. From Jade green to purple amethyst, there are endless options to bring back the jeweled look and experiment with bold colors on the walls. The right color on the accent wall can be awe inspiring and adds dimension to your condo. Being subtle also never goes out of style. Keep all the elements in a classic blend of beige and white while choosing a bright color and a three-dimensional panel for the accent wall.

Kitchen: Accent colors can add more excitement to your kitchen. Some of the new trends embrace new and eclectic with a shocking mix of colors. Celebrities including Christina Aguilera and Diane Keaton have used intriguing color blends in their kitchens to create the shock value while creating a vibrant look in their kitchens. Or, go classic and retro with stunning black and gold combinations. The accent wall can be painted gold while the counter-tops and cupboards are a gleaming black!

Bathroom: With focusing on even a small wall, you can bring alive the element of water in the bathrooms through designs such as Lake or Faktum which can mirror the water or ocean waves and add movement to the space.

Bedrooms: Master bedrooms need to reflect the calm after all the brainstorming done during the day! Some prefer lavender, blue, beige and white as colors that bring calm, soothe and refresh. Others rather go bold and gold is a color trending and in style that can bring elegance to your bedroom with this Sandstone design. The kids rooms can also be easily enhanced with an accent wall, adding character to their space. Play with the colors of the furniture, curtains and walls to suit the mood and create your perfect sanctuary. After all, you deserve it!

Lighting: Pay close attention to how you light up your rooms and accent walls. Create different light silos with interesting mixes of light sources and lighting fixtures. Letting in more natural light is the most cost-effective option! Multiple levels of lighting can help you create your own ambiance and gives flexibility to match your moods!

Having versatility is important. Did you know that if you paint your 3-dimensional panels one color and later have a change of heart, these may be painted over again! Now that is priceless.

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