Colors and Personalities, Which One Defines You? A Mini Guide to Assist You in Selecting Colors For Your Home Decor! 

Colors speak volumes about your personality!  Color psychologists swear by the power of color in detecting your personality and vice-versa. Colors also impact decision making, studies say. The “Impact of Color in Marketing” study, indicated that 90% of decisions made on products are based on its color! 

Colors And Personalities 

Colors are classified as warm or cool based on their wavelengths. Choosing the right color to assist you with your home décor can be easy with this mini guide! 

Low wavelength colors are the “coolest” ones. Purple, green and blue have low energy and low frequency and are the colors of peace, calm and rest. Ideally suited to bedrooms and studies, these colors help in contemplation, sedation, relaxation and eliminate distraction. Blue being the coolest of all three also helps lower blood pressure! Blue also helps calm down people who are prone to hyperventilating! 

Green is the color of security and peace. If you love green, you have a deep need to belong and be accepted besides being affectionate and loyal! Lavender, purple and indigo are considered spiritual colors. If these colors appeal to you more, you probably have humanitarian projects or goals you would love to take up.   

Orange, yellow and red are the opposites of the cool colors being of high wavelength and energy.  These colors stimulate the brain’s active centers and are helpful in areas that require more physical and mental activities such as kitchen, work areas, play rooms and so on.  If your favorite color is red, you are an action oriented person with live life on your terms! If you prefer orange, you have great people skills and love being around people. Yellow reflects a logical, creative and innovative mind! 

White indicates simplicity and independence and if you love the many shades of gray, you are actually more balanced, composed and cool!   

How To Choose The Right Color? 

While there is no hard and fast rule, try to match your favorite colors with those that reflect your true personality.  If you are an outgoing, party loving people’s person, choose bolder colors such as red, yellow and orange that truly reflect your style. If you are more of an introvert or a dreamer, choose between blues, whites and green. If you are not quite sure about what colors define you, keep it neutral! Beige, gray and brown are colors that suit everyone and every room and give you endless designing options as well. 

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