Living is a Matter of Style!

Fashions and trends may come and go but ‘style’ is a unique personal statement!  Your home should reflect a perfect balance of style and substance that define your unique personality.  Here are some ways to add more style and substance to your home while keeping step with the modern trends.

Think green

Named the color of the year in 2017, green stands for revitalization and refreshment. Gone are the depressing digital hues of grays and blacks. Bring back more green to calm, soothe, and create a splash of color to your favorite room.

Besides, green is all about reducing carbon footprints and being eco-friendly. Succulent plants and cacti are easy maintenance for those with busy lifestyles while others who have the time can get more vibrant indoor plants to spruce up the décor. It doesn’t have to be a monotonous shade of green though. Play with different levels and shades of leaf colors, textures, and patterns. Match tall plants with big pieces of furniture or place them in corners to fill large empty spaces.

Earth colors on walls or terracotta tiles on the exterior can add to curb appeal and make a beautiful green statement as well. Green can also take the form of kitchen cabinets or bathroom tiling.

Look to the wall and ceiling

While you accent your walls with beautiful wall panels, don’t forget the ceiling. You can accent the “fifth floor” with contrast color paint, beams or embossed tiles.  Whether accenting your walls or ceilings consider lighting as a way to highlight these areas and bring them to life –spotlights, recess lights, and hangings from the ceiling make for interesting style statements.

3D panels that are contemporary and unique can add stunning dimensions to walls and the home overall. You can also create curious combinations with colors, textures, depths, and patterns using 3D wall panels.

Spruce up furniture

The bejeweled look is said to be the hottest trend of 2018, all set to replace the boring grays, blacks, and beiges. Bring in the colors of the jewels with amethyst, emerald green or other natural jewel colors to add more layers or colors and style! Mixed and mismatched patterns can reflect your individual style. Combining the old and the new to bring in an eclectic look on furniture is another experiment that can end up adding to your style quotient.

Life is moving too fast and time seems to fly, adding style to your home’s favorite room or home office space makes you stop to enjoy the ambiance and enhance your living experience! Because we believe living is a matter of style!

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