Creating Beautiful Spaces One Wall at a Time

Walls have more than just ears! When accented with the right mix of elements, they can spruce up homes and create beautiful spaces. Walls that are cleverly accented form the central focal point for designing all other elements of the room. Gone are the days when single pieces of artwork or paint were used to accent walls. Ranging from adding new dimensions to creating a gallery look, the walls can be the center of attraction in your home.

Ways of sprucing up the wall

Here are some tips on making the walls the center of attraction.

  • Choose the right wall: The wall that you notice immediately on walking in to the living room is the one to accent. Choose the right wall in each room to accent and leave out those that are covered by large pieces of furniture or artwork. In the bedroom or study though, the choice of the wall to accent is purely personal! The kitchen can have accented walls that help with both style and functionality.
  • Color it right: According to color psychology, each color is associated with a certain emotion. Choose the colors on the accent wall based on the purpose of the room. If you have a home office, choosing blue can help you to be more productive. Yellow in the kitchen add to the sunny mood while boosting metabolism and increasing energy!  Green and lavender are said to promote tranquility and calmness. Red in the dining or living room may be ideal to boost appetite and conversations!
  • Balance the colors: Note the color or finish of other walls in the room when you pick on the accent wall. The wall to be accented can be of contrast color or be a total mismatch! Accenting a wall in an all-white room can create stunning effects. If you plan to add drama and a splash of colors on the accent wall, balance the rest of the walls in the room with neutral colors.
  • Think dimension: Add a splash of dimension with 3D wall panels to bring more life to your rooms. Wall panels in different designs, shapes, and finishes that are made of eco-friendly plant fibers are the preferred way of adding dimensions! These panels are lightweight and easy to install and you can paint them with any color of your choice to create unique styles in each room!

3D panels are not only affordable but also provide infinity ways you can spruce up any room or intimate space, one wall at a time!  Dare to imagine!

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